Learning from friends

This morning I spent time with a wonderful colleague and friend who shared her current story of learning. Her conversations engaged because she spoke about the challenges and contributions that social media added to the mix from many points of consideration.

We will upload this interview onto the South Australian Education collection on iTunes U soon.

Some of the things that has stuck in my mind from her story are:

  • powerfully connecting colleagues over large distances
  • keeping the conversations, contributions and questions progressing after the face to face meetings have ended
  • the importance of growing connections with care and attention
  • encouraging early uptakers and edge dwellers to connect and share their innovation and savvy with those taking the first steps into social media

The ability to capture and share learning conversations through video through social media is a massively untapped resource and one that I want to become excellent at producing.

Thanks M and I look forward to reading your entries on the Committed Cods blog.Image