The Double Edged Sword of Consensus and Leadership

Yesterday, I attended the Erica McWilliams oration. Unlearning Leadership In The Conceptual Age.

Much of what she said has provoked me to think sharply about the conversations we need to be contributing to, as innovative, contemporary educators.

I tweeted frequently because the words coming from her mouth made sense and have kept me thinking.

They included:

  • what is counted must not be the only logic counted
  • there is a need to improvise a life narrative beacuse of the rate of change we experience
  • beware data driven consensus management as a threat to contemporary educational leadership
  • move beyond consensus
  • what enables us can constrain us
  • what are the good and important truths we need to find?
  • unlearn the previous gold standard of education
  • table manners for behaviour at the top can prevent innovation
  • giving offence to the fewest as a high standard of standardness
  • challenge quietism in educational debate

I hope some of these connect with you.


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